Because everyone deserves protection, warmth and dignity.

Worldwide, millions of people are forced to sleep outside in the cold. That number is growing by the minute. Poverty, mental illness, unexpected loss of jobs, natural disasters, and wars are the top causes of homelessness around the world. On the most Eastern Greek Islands, over a million people have desperately been seeking shelter, fleeing from poverty and war. In the Netherlands alone, more than 30,000 people are pushed into homelessness. The number of tragic life occurrences is endless, forcing people into a life on the streets.

At Sheltersuit they make Sheltersuits for homeless people and refugees. A warm sleeping jacket which they hand out free of charge to the less fortunate all over the world. At Sheltersuit they believe that everyone has a right to warmth. The sheltersuits are made by refugees, old homeless people and people with a distance to the labour market.

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